What Makes Us Unique

The decision to pursue higher education is a life changing decision where the benefits far outweigh the cost. Rational minds understand this, but a potential student that has to make a life changing decision needs encouragement. We believe the best way to communicate inspiration and empowerment is not through powerpoint, infographics or data tables but through music.

The Universal Purpose of Music

"Music's power comes from its ability to help human beings overcome cognitive dissonance, the feeling of emotional discomfort we feel when we learn novel information that contradicts existing beliefs. It's a powerful force for anxiety that affects our decision-making and ability to learn."

- Leonid Perlovsky, a physics and cognition researcher and visiting scholar at Harvard University.

EDU Hit Makers

In 2009, the principles of High Intent Marketing were firsthand witnesses of how melodies can inspire individuals to return to school. That melody, however, was akin to a one hit wonder.

In 2016, John and Terrence asked one another: "What if we partnered with professional songwriters to create inspiring and empowering messages to deliver motivated students to the right school?"

Music Studio

Songwriter's Credentials

RIAA Certified Platinum 4x

RIAA Certified Gold 8x

Grammy Awards 2x

Grammy Nominations 6x

"Music may, in other words, tap into a brain mechanism that was key to our evolutionary progress. The ability to recognize patterns and generalize from experience, to predict what's likely to happen in the future - in short, the ability to imagine - is something humans do far better than any other animals. It's what allowed us (aided by the far less glamorous opposable thumb) to take over the world."

Valorie Salimpoor - Neuroscientist McGill University