Team Member

Terrence Thomas

Managing Director

Terrence Thomas is the Managing Director of the High Intent Marketing division of PMA Media Group. As a young undergrad, he was invited to a nationwide student conference on education and advocacy where he met two transformative educational leaders: Joe Clark and Jaime Escalante. This left a lasting impression on how education can transform lives with leaders that believe in students.

His first foray into higher education marketing began in 1998 as the founder of GI Bill Express, an information portal that helped veterans find educational opportunities. GI Bill Express was acquired by, where he headed up the careers and education channels. To this day, is one of the leading advocates for veterans education.

From 2005-2011, Terrence was the CMO of Education Dynamics where he was able to successfully advocate for non-traditional students returning to school through integrated marketing campaigns like Project Working Mom, the Empowerment Tour and the launching of interactive tools to help working adults prepare themselves for college. Two flagship campaigns, Project Working Mom and the Empowerment Tour received numerous awards and accolades from the City of Atlanta, the State of Colorado, the City of Newark and OMMA.

Terrence is a proud veteran, serving as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy with tours in Somalia as part of Operation United Shield and with the 7th Fleet in Japan. He left the Navy holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Terrence has an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and a BA in economics from California State University,

“In today’s multi-channel social media world where attention is at a premium, inspiring the next generation of students will require heartfelt story telling that compels students to take the next step. At High Intent Marketing, we use various methods story telling including music, video and personal interest stories to inspire students to transform their life through education.”